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Perfex CRM Chat


NOTE: This is not a standalone chat, the chat requires Perfex CRM application installed, this is a module for Perfex CRM.

Perfex CRM Chat a real time experience add on for Perfex CRM build in PHP, JavaScript and jQuery and uses Pusher API for communication and collaboration between staff colleagues and clients starting from version 1.3.5. The module uses Websockets request and not HTTP requests that slows down the server. Specially developed for the employees and clients of Perfex CRM so they can connect and converse with each other. Best way to connect and interact with your staff colleagues and connected clients, you can offer communication directly as well as build trust and increase staff loyalty.

Offers options to create chat groups, connect with clients, export conversation, delete conversation and even create tickets form clients conversations.

Quick Intro

  • Chat Full View
  • Chat Toggled View
  • Chat Staff permissions ( Chat Access )
  • Clients area chat support
  • User @mentions
  • Chat statuses
  • Group Chats
  • Group Members control
  • Group shared items, files and photos
  • Global Announcements
  • HTML5 Live browser push notifications
  • Live desktop push notifications
  • 100+ Emojies
  • Videos and mp3 live preview
  • Clients area support
  • Shared files history
  • Shared photos history
  • Files upload
  • Live search members
  • Live search mutual messages
  • Date sent timestamps
  • Clients position title
  • Staff position title
  • New message notifications
  • Unread message notifications
  • Export Conversation
  • Delete Conversation
  • Convert conversation to support ticket
  • Multiple UI Themes (Can be applied separately for each user)
  • Toggled chat gradient and solid colors support (Can be applied separately for each user)
  • Current online members indicator / staff and clients
  • Option to show only users with chat permission in chat view
  • Enable / Disable clients area chat support
  • Allow staff to create groups
  • Allow staff to delete own messages
  • Allow staff to convert conversation to support tickets
  • Last message recieved timestamp
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • All code and items are completly wrapped and ready that provides the client fast install / upgrade 60 seconds and start chatting
  • Smooth UI design and speed for better UX
  • Available languages: English, French, German and Portuguese

Chat full view Dark Theme

Perfex CRM Chat - 1

Chat full view Light Theme

Perfex CRM Chat - 2

Clients area chat support (Option to disable)

Perfex CRM Chat - 3

Perfex CRM Chat - 4

Create Chat Announcements and Chat Groups

Perfex CRM Chat - 5

Shared photos and files History

Perfex CRM Chat - 6

Live preview

Perfex CRM Chat - 7

Convert messages to ticket

Perfex CRM Chat - 8

Super simple and fast ticket conversion

Perfex CRM Chat - 9

Connect with your clients

Perfex CRM Chat - 10

Draggable / Toggleable chat with state remembered

Perfex CRM Chat - 11

Live search mesages history

Perfex CRM Chat - 12

Permissions, Admin and Clients multiple Options

Perfex CRM Chat - 13

Small toggled Chat window

Perfex CRM Chat - 14

Chat with multiple members at once

Perfex CRM Chat - 15

Current available languages

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Portuguese Brazil

Anyone can contribute for languages if wants, just contact us via Envato support or at [email protected]

This fully responsive chat module works well with any device, any browser.

No coding needed! Just 1-3 minutes to install.

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Perfex CRM Chat Demo

User 1:
Login: [email protected]
Password: 123123

User 2:
Login: [email protected]
Password: 123123

User 3:
Login: [email protected]
Password: 123123

Clients login at https://perfex-chat-module.idevalex.com/authentication/login

Login: [email protected]
Password: 123123

Client 1:
Login: [email protected]
Password: 123123

Change log


Change log – Version 1.4.1 updated 13.04.2020

  • New: Added new feature user @mentions in chat groups,.
  • New: Added new feature chat statuses, Online, Away, Busy, Offline
  • New: Fully refactored mobile look.
  • New: Clients mobile chat support, staff mobile chat support.
  • Updated: Live notifications, sound notification will depend on user chat status.
  • Improved: When over 4 chats are active in toggled chat, arrow is shown to navigate between multiple chat windows.
  • Fixed: Groups notifications.
  • Fixes: Various minor bug fixes.

Change log – Version 1.4.0 updated 08.02.2020

  • New: User Chat module Permissions (Grant Access), staff permissions to access chat by default no permissions are granted
  • New: Admins can choose if in chat view will be shown only staff members with chat permissions or all staff members
  • New: Added option to convert chat conversation to support ticket.(Only 48 past hours messages can be converted)
  • New: From clients area Clients on hover over staff will be able to see the staff position title.
  • New: Added when viewing the chat screen as a staff member now clients have included title positions.
  • New: Added when viewing the chat screen as a staff member now staff have included title positions.
  • New: Added option to export chat conversations (CSV)
  • New: Added option to delete chat conversation (option to export to CSV defore deletion , available only for Admins)
  • New: User roles will be shown in chat admin and clients area
  • New: Online Contacts are shown in sidebar menu
  • New: New messages notifications shown in sidebar menu with ability to click and redirect to clients
  • Feature: When new ticket is created live notifications are send to corresponding Departments and its members
  • Improved: Staff members and clients fetching and rendering speed.
  • Improved: Improved notifications received and sent.
  • Improved: Chat messages search ability.
  • Improved: Improved date / time last message received or sent.
  • Improved: Added new visual date / time middle stamps indicators in Staff, Clients and Groups
  • Improved: UI, UX
  • Fixed: Issue with client unread messages.
  • Fixed: Languages missing labels.
  • Misc: Minor code fixes JS/CSS.

Change log – Version 1.3.7 updated 13.11.2019

  • Added: Load more customers button with condition 20 or more customers. (this option is users who have lots of clients and contacts)
  • Added: Live Ajax search for clients.
  • Added: Live Ajax messages search for staff and clients.
  • Added: Option to toggle online contacts.
  • Updated: Clients and staff new and unread notifications functionality updated and improved.
  • Improved: Some images was not rendering(preview) correctly.
  • Fixed: Issue with groups list and scroll on mobile.
  • General: Minor CSS / JS fixes and improvements.

Change log – Version 1.3.6 updated 24.10.2019

  • Minor bug fixes applied.

Change log – Version 1.3.5 updated 23.10.2019

  • New Feature: Clients chat, now admins and staff will be able to interact with clients and backwards, added option to enable / disable clients feature.
  • Improved: French language updated.
  • General: Bug fixes and module improvements.
  • New: Added CSS and JavaScript versioning.

Change log – Version 1.3.3 updated 09.09.2019

  • Added new option: Admins can allow / disalow staff members to create groups
  • Added new option: Sound notifications in full browser chat with option to enable / disable for each staff member
  • Improved: Unread messages and notifications
  • Improvements (CSS UI & UX Design / JavaScript / Some code refactored for better performance and speed)

Change log – Version 1.3.2 updated 04.09.2019

  • Added new language: German
  • Fixed:Gear icon fixed upon chat is in toggled circle view
  • Fixed:During update database migration gap if no database updates, now working properly

Change log – Version 1.3.1 updated 01.09.2019

  • Added new feature: Toggled small chat now can have gradient backgrounds applied.
  • Added new language: French
  • Removed: Group name validation, everyone should be able to create group with group name per their needs.
  • Improvements: UI, UX Changes

Change log – Version 1.3.0 Major Update updated 27.08.2019

  • Added new feature: GROUP CHAT (Admins have full privileges over all groups)
  • Added new feature: Group chat Shared history files
  • Added new feature: Group chat Messages history
  • Added new feature: Group chat messages notification pointer
  • Added new feature: Members can rejoin groups and all messages will be shown again, if group is deleted all data + shared items is deleted for all group members
  • Added new language chat language: Brazilian Portuguese
  • Added new feature: Desktop messages / group messages notifications, option to enable / disable this feature, option is disabled by default
  • Changed: CSS Improvements
  • Improved: Compatibility with Perfex Light Theme and Perfex Dark Theme
  • Improved: Requests speed, loading speed
  • Fixed: Main toggle chat was not showing in project -> milestones grid view

Change log – Version 1.2.6 updated 23.07.2019

  • New: Announcements feature, now admins can send announcements message to all staff or selected staff members.
  • New: Online members now show in sidebar menu when using the full browser chat window
  • Improved: Messages loader now synchronized with messages
  • Fix: RTL on mobile devices improved

Change log – Version 1.2.5 updated 11.07.2019

  • New: Toggle chat to small chat circle for better buttons overview and user experience.
  • Fixed: Minor fix with SQL limit and offset, when loading messages, now fixed and also improved loading speed.

Change log – Version 1.2.4 updated 07.07.2019

  • New: RTL Support
  • New: RTL Support also available with Perfex CRM Admin Light Theme

Change log – Version 1.2.3 updated 03.07.2019

  • Minor fixes
  • Improved: Upload file validation
  • UX: Small css fixes

Change log – Version 1.2.2 updated 01.07.2019

  • Added: New feature direct live preview for for youtube, vimeo and all types of videos, links, mp3, files, pdf..etc in main chat window.
  • Added: When user come online notification also is shown in contacts sidebar.
  • Changed: Small chat scrollbar styling.
  • Changed: Small theme appearance and improved styling for better UX.
  • Fixed: Added uploading indicator when uploading files.
  • Adjusted: Chat settings permissions for employee members.
  • Improved: Replaced light box .

Change log – Version 1.2.1 updated 16.06.2019

  • Added new feature: Shared files/photos history.
  • New shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + F > Toggle shared files side bar
  • Added new theme: Dark Chat heme. Every user will be able to choose default chat theme.
  • Changed: Now small chat wont be shown on mobile because full browser chat now is mobile responsive
  • Changed: Inactive staff members won’t be shown in chat unless activated again.
  • Improved: Chat mobile height now show properly, also added more media queries for better UX
  • Fixed: Unread messages bug when typing with online active contact.
  • Fixed: Issue with messages popup in sidebar with online active contacts.

Change log – Version 1.2.0

  • Added new feature: Browser full chat view
  • Added new feature: Mobile browser responsive chat
  • Added event feature: Internet connection tracking
  • Added new feature: From small chat click navigate to member in full browser chat
  • Added new feature: Connection online/offline tracking
  • Changes: UI Changes and code refactor in window small chat view.
  • Improved: Message history increased loading speed by 50%.
  • UI: Browser full view chat added keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+Alt+Z -> Scroll Down, Ctrl+Alt+S -> Search Contacts
  • Fixed: Delete message button

Change log – Version 1.1.3

  • Improved: Speed 50% faster loading chat and messages.
  • Added new feature: Draggable main chat window.
  • Added new feature: Opened chats positions will be remembered upon browser refresh.
  • Added new feature: Option to delete own messages (Admins have full permissions).
  • Added new feature: After main chat window is dragged, position is remembered after browser reload.
  • Added new feature: Remembers if main chat window minimized or not after browser reload.
  • Refactored: Removed Enable Pusher Chat from Pusher.com tab in Settings. Now option is located in Setting->Chat Settings tab. Added new option to enable/disable staff permissions to delete own messages.
  • Changed UI: Chat styling.
  • Fixed: First message sometimes appears twice.
  • Fixed: Friend link was appearing light when chat color is set to brighter light color.
  • Fixed: Word break not showing correctly.

Change log – Version 1.1.2

  • Small fix, typo in code.

Change log – Version 1.1.1

  • Refactored chat settings table.
  • Added new feature Lightbox picture preview.
  • Fixed emojis not loading properly.
  • Fixed various css issues with Perfex CRM.
  • Fixed message history scrolling and improved loading speed.

Change log – Version 1.1.0

  • Added new feature emojis.
  • Improved chat loading performance/speed.
  • Fixed links not showing properly.

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