3591946-PayWay API (Westpac) Gateway for WP E-Commerce.zip

PayWay API (Westpac) Gateway for WP E-Commerce


PayWay is an initiative from Westpac to simplify this integration process by providing a certified credit card processing API that overcomes the difficult development task of integration and security. Westpac will authorise the credit card transaction in real-time, providing you with an immediate approve or decline response. You will receive same-day settlement for Visa and MasterCard transactions completed before 6pm Sydney time.

And this Plugin allows WP E-Commerce Store Owners to accept Credit Card payments on site without redirecting the customers. Thus enhancing the user experience.

NOTE: You need to have SSL Certificate Installed on you site.

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3591946-PayWay API (Westpac) Gateway for WP E-Commerce.zip