9127556-Multi Purpose Mobile Theme.zip

Multi Purpose Mobile Theme


Enjoy our best ever product on CodeCanyon!

Over 200 sales and an average 5-star reviews can’t be wrong. This is an extremely high quality template that will suit a variety of purposes.

Use this template to make all kinds of apps.

  • Business apps
  • Portfolio apps
  • Gallery apps
  • Radio Streaming apps
  • Travel apps
  • Cooking Recipe apps
  • Health and Fitness apps
  • Any kind of app based on unique content!

Business apps are an especially lucrative category.

If you run a business, have you ever thought about converting your website into a mobile app?

You can even make a business out of selling app development services to clients. You can sell a custom developed app for $4,000 to a client, then hire us to make it from this template for half that price.

This template has everything you need for customers to engage with your business.

  • Pages of offers and content allow users to watch/see/read interesting content related to your brand.
  • About Us section allows customers to read detailed information about your company.
  • Unique pages of content are organized with consistent designs and smooth animations, just like pages on a website (only better).
  • Contact Info allows users to call you, find your address (in Apple Maps or Google Maps), and connect with you on a variety of social networks.
  • Blog section allows users to read your content on an ongoing basis.

Please e-mail us with requests for improvements. We want to make this app the best it can possibly be!

Content marketing is huge.

Increasingly, users prefer to connect with companies over apps instead of websites.

Having an app to host your content adds professionalism, and sets your business apart from the competition.

Stand out with a beautifully designed interface.

  • works on all iOS 10 devices
  • 64-bit compatible
  • built with Objective C with Parse backend
  • intuitive user experience
  • animated transitions
  • content loads from Plist files
  • push notifications
  • users can play background music in app, even while device is locked

Hire Wharton Apps for premium design and development services.

If you would like assistance adapting this source code, Wharton Apps provides design and development services at $25/hour. To get a quote today, contact us at WhartonApps.com/Contact-Us

We have produced apps for over 400 clients. We offer transparent pricing, quality development, and eye-catching design, all at the most affordable prices on the market.

Our custom app solutions deliver incredible results. Clients are consistently highly satisfied with their purchases because of the tremendous value we provide. Some clients have even reported revenues over $3,000/month. 

Enter the lucrative content app market today!

Apps are an $82 billion/year business and provide a means of developing passive income. Don’t delay in getting started while the market is still active and growing. This template has all kind of possibilities. You could literally build a strong business using only this template.

If you’re holding back because your’e not sure where to start, please e-mail us . At no cost, we can easily provide suggestions for niche markets that are ideal for launching content apps.

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9127556-Multi Purpose Mobile Theme.zip