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Incentivized Reviews for WooCommerce


Schedule follow-up emails to your WooCommerce customers asking them for a review in return for a coupon code.

Product reviews are incredibly important to the success of your eCommerce store. They help your product rank highly in the search engines and they inspire trust amongst your customers, encouraging them to buy from you rather than a competitor.

Incentivize Reviews for WooCommerce automates the entire process of requesting reviews from your customers and delivering them a coupon code once they’ve left a review.

The plugin requires minimal configuration. It adds a WooCommerce settings tab added under:

WooCommerce > Settings > Incentivized Reviews

From here you can choose the WooCommerce coupon code that is sent to the reviewer, the delay (in days) before the follow-up email is sent and change the default message that appears in the follow-up email and the coupon code email.

The sequence of events that occurs when the plugin is activated is as follows:

  1. 1. Customer places order.
  2. 2. Store admin “completes” order and follow-up email requesting a review is scheduled to send in a number of days (chosen in the plugin settings).
  3. 3. Scheduled follow-up email is sent with a list of the products on the customer’s order. They can click these to leave a review.
  4. 4. When somebody leaves a review, they are immediately sent an email with a coupon code (chosen in the plugin settings).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does anybody who leaves a review get the coupon code email?
A: Yes. Even if they haven’t placed an order and haven’t received the initial follow-up email.

Q: Could somebody use the coupon code more than once?
A: That depends… This plugin works with coupon codes you create through the standard WooCommerce interface. If you only want customers to be able to use the coupon code once, you will need to set the coupon code’s “usage limit per user” to 1.

Q: What do the emails look like? Will they blend in with my store emails?
A: The plugin uses the WooCommerce email template, so it should blend in seamlessly with all the other transactional emails sent from your site.

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19176749-Incentivized Reviews for