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AdminPro – Login + Users & Roles Management + AdminLTE + Codeigniter


AdminPro is one of best admin panel that you need to start new backend project. It has all the main features that are required to get started. Admin Panel comes with the documentation which helps you to get started easily. Complete Script is customizable and commented. Code is very handy & easy to read and many important functions/helpers are already included with code. It has Secured Login which has both client side (using js) & server side (using php) validation along with integration of google re-captcha. User Management is the one of basic requirement that every admin panel needs, which is already included along with roles & permissions system. Hence, You have ability to create unlimited users, roles & permissions right out of box. Interface is very easy to use and handy. AdminPro uses AdminLTE with a little bit modified design. Yet, it supports old theme and all the components & plugins that it already has like DataTables, Pace, select2, etc.

AdminPro - Login + Users & Roles Management + AdminLTE + Codeigniter - 1

Username: admin
Password: admin123


  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Secured Login
  • Roles & Permissions Management
  • Activity Logs of users
  • Users Management
  • Modern Design
  • Includes Helper Functions
  • Model Operations like get,create, etc
  • Both Documentation & Developer Documentation comes with code
  • Comments & Guide for custom functions
  • Easy to Install and Setup


  • Minimum PHP v5.6
  • MySQL
  • mod_rewrite Apache

Changes Log

    # Version 1.2

    - [fixed] minor bugs
    - [fixed] login by changing value '1' from cookie
    - [update] upgraded to latest CI version 3.1.11
    - [update] secured login system with additional validations and security practices
    - [update] documentation redesigne
    - [new] seperate tab in profile page for changing password
    - [new] google recaptchs with enable/disable feature
    - [new] manage email template directly in settings
    - [new] custom 404 & 403 error pages according to theme
    - [new] user status active/inactive
    - [new] enabled csrf protection & xss clean, prevent sql injection 
    - [new] developer documentation
    - [new] ability to change login page background image

    # Version 1.1

    - [Fixed]        Reported Bugs
    - [Fixed]        Roles & Permissions in session when user is logged in
    - [Fixed]        Roles name in users list
    - [New]        Added Option to change Login Theme
    - [New]        New Database Backup Feature 
    - [New]        Upgrade to Codeigniter Version 3.1.10
    - [New]        All AdminLTE Components are included as shown in demo

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22308104-AdminPro – Login + Users & Roles Management + AdminLTE +