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FlashView | Universal Android WebView App With Admobs


Product description

Native android Simple Web View application

Material Design 10 theme color

Fast & Powerful Chromium WebView

Easily create your own Android app with Flash View – Web To App in a matter of minutes. Convert any website into native app using our powerful, optimised web-view engine. .

You can turn your website into an android app in minutes and also supercharge your website with some native features and ui.
This app provides tons of customisation options and features so that your user don’t miss anything. From push notification to monetisation,
from colour customisation to caching web page everything is provided in this single application to build an ultimate
native like experience. And you don’t need to be an expert to modify and implement these features.

Navigation Drawer:

Customizable navigation drawer to add all your webpages to your WebView app easily.

Admob( Banner And mInterstitial Ad)

Just enter your Admob interstitial ads and enable monetisation.


Customizable you splash screen just add logo and it will enable animated Splash Screen.

No internet connection screen:

Show a beautifully designed no connection screen when no connection is available.

Push notifications:

Reach and update users by sending push notifications.

QR Code or BarCode Scanner:

Flash View apps include QR Code or Barcode scanner.scan all type Barcode or QR Code

Easy customization:

This customization includes the configuration of various layout styles ToolBar, Drawer, Colors, Icons & Images, Admob


FlashView | Universal Android WebView App - 1

FlashView | Universal Android WebView App - 2

FlashView | Universal Android WebView App - 3

Here is the detailed feature list:

  • Complete Native Web to App
  • Fast & Powerful Chromium WebView
  • Pull To Refresh.
  • QR code or Barcode Scanner
  • Easy integration.
  • Splash Screen.
  • Android Studio Project.
  • Admob Added ( banner + full_intersitial )
  • Normal toolbar page with Navigation drawer
  • Fullscreen web view
  • Load in app offline HTML page
  • Added various way to provide support
  • Youtube Video
  • Mapping, deirection and geolocation
  • Download and upload file using native tools
  • Call, SMS, Email etc using native app
  • Brows page using native browser
  • A complete web page with fully functional HTML, HTML5, CSS, JS operation
  • Easy Customization
  • No Programming Skills Required
  • Easily set your URL which should be loaded
  • Universal App for Android devices
  • Material Design UI
  • Well documented code.

App Demo

Technical Documentation

Last Update fixed V1.0.2

- Update Ui Design
- Add barcode and qrcode design  
- Bug fix

Last Update fixed V1.0.1

- Update Design
- Add powerful chromium web view  
- Check network connectivity
- Bug fix

Last Update fixed V1.0.0

-  Initial Release

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23671902-FlashView | Universal Android WebView App With