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“Customer Experience is The New Brand” – Forbes

The significance of delivering an experience that makes you stand out from the competition is increasing day by day. Keeping this in mind, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 SMS Notification extension that allows admin to send updates to the customers about their store activities via SMS.

People prefer SMS over Emails due to easy access and a higher response rate. Leveraging it in Magento 2 store, facilitate customers to receive regular instant updates about their store activities like new order placement, cancellation, a contact inquiry, website registration, etc.

The Magento 2 SMS Notification module can also be used by the admin to receive the SMS notifications about the customers’ store activities! Get the most out of the SMS facility for your store!

Benefits of Meetanshi’s Magento 2 SMS Notification:

  • Use the SMS functionality to update customers about activities such as order placement, cancellation, invoice generation, etc. in the store.
  • Notifies admin of customers’ activities via SMS in the mobile number entered in the backend,  
  • Register with SMS gateway to configure the API settings with sender ID, API key, and URL. Also, select the message type to be sent to customers.
  • Send custom SMS for an order placed, invoiced, canceled, shipped, credit memo generated, a contact inquiry, and website registration notifications to customers and admin.
  • Configure the SMS notification texts using the system variables like order_id, first_name, etc.
  • Collect mobile numbers of customers to send SMS notification using the default Magento sign up and guest checkout.
  • Send the SMS notifications as soon as the mobile number is registered with the store.
  • With instant Magento 2 SMS module, win customers’ trust and enhance the store experience!

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