CodeCanyon-42362471-Finan v2.1 – Financial Management App | Flutter & Firebase | Android &

Finan v2.1 – Financial Management App | Flutter & Firebase | Android & iOS


Finan v2.1 – Financial Management App | Flutter & Firebase | Android & iOS

Description: Our Finan – Financial Management App is a personal income expense & financial tracker made with Flutter Framework, BLoC State Management, and Firebase for the backend, where users can sign in using email and password authentication and can upload their money source as Cards (Debit/Credit) and track their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly financial income and expenses. App users can also download the report of their expenses directly from the app as a pdf file or .csv file. This is an optimized application for any mobile device (Android/iOS) for daily income expense tracking and finance management.

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Technologies Used:

Framework: Flutter
State management: BLoC
Database: Cloud Firebase
User authentication: Firebase Authentication using Gmail and password

Main Features:

1. Beautiful & Modern UI
2. Smooth Screen Transition
3. Multiple Card Adding (Debut/Credit)
4. 100% Responsive UI
5. Local storage & Cloud Firebase
6. App Users can add/edit transactions
7. App Users can create and customize categories
8. App Users can view daily, weekly & monthly transactions
9. App Users can Filter transactions
10. Future Goals & Milestones Creating
11. And Many More Features

Packages We Used:

awesome_snackbar_content: ^0.1.0
bloc: ^8.1.0
change_app_package_name: ^1.1.0
cloud_firestore: ^4.1.0
connectivity_plus: ^3.0.2
cupertino_icons: ^1.0.2
elegant_notification: ^1.6.1
equatable: ^2.0.5
firebase_auth: ^4.1.5
firebase_core: ^2.3.0
firebase_storage: ^11.0.6
flutter_bloc: ^8.1.1
flutter_intro: ^3.0.2
font_awesome_flutter: ^10.2.1
get_storage: ^2.0.3
intl: ^0.17.0
lottie: ^2.0.0
mccounting_text: ^1.0.0
open_file: ^3.2.1
path_provider: ^2.0.11
pie_chart: ^5.3.2
quick_actions: ^1.0.1
syncfusion_flutter_xlsio: ^20.2.48-beta
timeago: ^3.3.0
url_launcher: ^6.1.5
uuid: ^3.0.6

You Will Get:

Full Android & iOS Source Code, Documentation With Mockup Screenshots.

You will get the easy setup documentation. You need just 10-15min max to set up and build your app. We made the easiest documentation. If you face any problem or something, kindly send us a message via email.

For any query, Contact us via email. Thank You Send your message to: [email protected]

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42362471-Finan v2.1 – Financial Management App | Flutter & Firebase | Android &