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This project is a TEMPLATE. Not backend project. Built on React Native CLI

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Anistream - Movies,Series,Shows App React Native CLI Template

Anistream is online streaming app template in react native. So, It is
support android and ios both. In this app user can watch various types of
Movies, Shows and series.In addition to its extensive collection of movies
and TV shows, our app also offers a range of features that enhance your
viewing experience. These include personalized recommendations, the ability
to create and share playlists, and support for multiple languages etc..

Anistream - Streaming React Native Template - 1
Anistream - Streaming React Native Template - 2
Anistream - Streaming React Native Template - 3
Anistream - Streaming React Native Template - 4
Anistream - Streaming React Native Template - 5
Anistream - Streaming React Native Template - 6
Anistream - Streaming React Native Template - 7
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Native Template – 8” />


01 Splash
02 Onboarding 1
03 Onboarding 2
04 Onboarding 3
05 Welcome Screen
06 Login Account
07 Create Account
08 Choose Interest
09 Fill Your Profile
10 Create New Pin
11 Set Your Fingerprint
12 Forgot Password
13 Create New Account
14 Home Dashboard
15 Top Hit Anime
16 New Episode Reload
17 Notification Screen
18 Search Movies
19 Not Found Screen
20 Sort & Filter Screen
21 Release Calender Screen
22 Empty List Screen
23 Anime Detail Screen
24 Share Model
25 Give Rating Model
26 Download Model
27 Download Progress Model
28 Comments Screen
29 More Like Tab
30 Download Screen
31 Delete Model
32 Profile Screen
33 Subscription Screen
34 Payment Options
35 Review Summary
36 Congratulation Model
37 Edit Profile
38 Download Options
39 Security Options
40 Help Center
41 Video Screen
42 Notification Setting
43 Language Change
44 Help Center Faq
45 Help Center Contact Us

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42889974-Anistream-Movies,series,shows React-Native