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CRM Posts Booster – boost automatically posts on social networks


CRM Posts Booster is an app for the Midrub CMS that boosts on social networks the posts published with the CRM Social app. The goal of this app is in automation of the posts boosting on multiple social networks. Is a SAAS app and by plan
is possible to control the app’s usage.

Demo Video:

The posts boosting on the social networks is achieved through use of bots. A bot is a set of rules which are used to create automatically the ads with the wanted posts which should be boosted on the social networks.

A bot could have support for multiple social networks and in each social network the user could choose the wanted preferences. 

The created bots could be selected in the CRM Social app -> Accounts settings. 

For example:

  • A bot is selected in a Facebook page settings.
  • Each new post published in that Facebook page will be boosted on Facebook.

The bots could be selected even for individual posts. Before publish a post, the user could get the selected accounts settings from the Composer tool and select the wanted bot which will be used to boost the new created post.

In the History page is possible to get details about the boosted posts:

  • The boosted post preview.
  • Details about the budget.
  • The boosting history and errors have occurred.
  • Ad account and platform.

In the Overview page are displayed the number of boosted posts by days in the last 30 days and the posts which weren’t boosted successfully.

Supported social networks right now:

  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.

The required permissions are: pages_show_list, instagram_basic, ads_management, ads_read and business_management.

The CRM Posts Booster app has support for Teams. The team administrator has the options to restrict the permissions to create, edit and delete the bots.

This app uses the official api.

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44000550-CRM Posts Booster – boost automatically posts on social