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Color Bump Ball 3D


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The high-quality template for Color Bump Ball 3D game.
Professional game and level design. Create more interesting levels for your game. The project is EASY and COMFORTABLE to use. Does not require programming skills! Just check out the documentation in which you can find everything you need.
If you will have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will happy to help you and answer all of your questions about this project.

Asset constantly developing. You can be sure about the quality of the product and quick support. We are always happy to help you understand the project and give recommendations for further development.

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Key Highlights
Already connected to Admob, Unity and Applovin
Already performed Admob Mediation integrated with 3 platforms (Admob, Unity and Applovin)
A solid optimized Reward System consisting of 4 types of Rewards
Already Integrated 3 Ad formats ( Banner, Interstitial and Rewarded )
Optimised and Strategically placed ads for highest possible revenue
Completely autonomous
ZERO maintenance
ZERO operation costs. Running completely autonomous.
Consist very demanding features right now and even more in future (Rewarded Systems, Mediation, Unity Ads, Applovin Ads)
A lot of untapped opportunities like in-app purchases, in-game items, bidding mediation, targeted ads, ASO and Campaigns.
Earning possibilities are limitless

Over 30 levels for high user engagement

An effective reward system, consisting of 4 types of Rewards, has already been applied on game which drives the continuous display of Optimised and Strategically placed ads of 3 formats for highest possible revenue. Along with it, all projects are already integrated with Admob Mediation performed for 3 platforms ( Admob, Unity and Applovin ). Thus, a solid base has been designed and set on all three projects to drives continuous revenue and retention.
What is included in the sale?

⇒ complete Android app developed in Unity

(The iOS versions of all apps can also be purchased upon additionally purchasing our ‘iOS’ Add-on which is not included in this listing.)

⇒ Complete App Source Codes

⇒ All in-app Artwork.
⇒ App Title

2d Assets.
3d Models
Cart Assets.
Character Animation
Audio Assets
App Icon
App Feature Image

⇒ Keystroke File

⇒ Reward System (4 types of Rewards)

⇒ Monetization (Banner, Interstitial & Rewarded)

⇒ Admob Ad Integration (Ad Id Setup )

⇒ Waterfall Mediation Script for 3 platforms ( Admob, Unity & Applovin )

⇒ Consultation on all issues during project support

⇒ Consultation on untapped opportunities to drive a drastically increased revenue in future.

⇒ Consultation of Future design, plan and optimizations

What is required to keep the app operational?

The applications work autonomously, so nothing is required except the Developer Account and Google AdMob Account.

How does the app generate revenue?

Ad Monetization
Are there any expenses for the app? If so, what are they?

Admob Ads
Unity Ads
Applovin Ads
Admob Mediation ( Admob, Unity and Applovin )

None, you just need a google play account.

Optional: Advertising or Marketing costs

What marketing initiatives have been used for the app?


How can the future owner improve the app?

Marketing and running ad campaigns

Performing ASO

Performing Bidding Mediation

Monetization Methods

Ads are the main monetization methods used in game.

Primary expenses



Open the project in Unity and install the recommended version
USe the detailed documentation for any change you want to make like
Introducing New Changes
● Icon, Splash Screen and other Publishing details
○ To change the icon, head over to Player Settings and on top of it, you’ll find the
following fields:
■ Company Name
■ Product Name
■ Version (Increment the version by decimals or whole numbers to ship updates on playstore)
■ Default Icon: Here you can set a default fallback icon, if you don’t have a separate icon for each dpi
setting and Round/Legacy options.

​Please read the documentation, which contains all the details

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44389007-Color Bump Ball