FontBird, Easy to change any fonts on your WordPress site

FontBird is a WordPress plugin which let users upload .ttf or .otf font then change any font of WordPress theme to it!
User doesn’t to code any extra CSS, no longer worry about converting EOT font for IE! All are automatic!
User can upload as many as font they want, and define many rules to use many font at the same time


  • Upload many fonts at the same time!
  • Automatic convert .ttf or .otf font to .eot font for IE!
  • Support unlimited collections! A collection is a set of fonts definetion – include definition of font family& font size(optional)! You can easily switch between these collections! Example, you can have a collection with
    Harabara Font for Header, Comic_Book for Post Title! Also you have an other collection with Lobster font for Header, Arial for Post title! Then you can easily make active a collection to use its definition! Think about it like Themes of WordPress! You can have many theme in system and make default a theme anytime you want!
  • Unlimited definitions in collection! Example, you are a designer, you know CSS quite much, and you want to add hundreds font definition for your site

Demo video

<iframe src=”” width=”760” height=”318” frameborder=”0”></iframe>

You should see in HD on vimeo for a better version! Thank you!

Steps to install:

  • Download ZIP file from Envato after purchasing!
  • Upload to WordPress, active the plugin
  • Upload Font
  • Create collection, add rules!
  • Active a collection to use it! You can active other collection as you want
  • More detail document is included when purchasing!

What is coming?

In next release, i’m going to add support for Google Font


You can go to here and post your question into correct category! I will reply there to help you! I’m happy to assist
all of my buyers ;)!

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