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Drink Water Reminder – Hydration and Water Tracker


Water Drink Target Reminder reminds you to drink enough water. Proper hydration keeps your skin healthy and helps you lose weight.
Drink Water Drink Reminder – Hydration and Water Tracker is an optimal water drinking reminder, which will help you keep fit and stay hydrated every day while improving your water diet and providing health benefits. Drink water app will track daily water intake using a single tap water logging. It prevents dehydration by reminding you when you forget to drink water, so you never get thirsty. Would you like to experience a natural H2O body cleanse and have a healthy skin and healthy nails in a natural way, while getting free kidney stone prevention and diabetes prevention?

The benefits of drinking water:

  • Stay in shape and keep fit; water is calorie free
  • Clears up your skin
  • Keeps your skin and nails healthy
  • Helps prevent kidney stones
  • Keeps you hydrated

Demo Apk Link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gRZxb4E-fP20DGileah2J9ahRPxcBhkx/view?usp=sharing


1) Water Calculator – Automatically calculates your recommended daily water intake based on your gender and weight.
2) Water drinking reminder – Water reminder app will remind you to drink water during the day at desired intervals so you never get thirsty and experience dehydration.
3) Statistics – Drink Water Reminder app keeps track of your daily water intake


♡ – Android Studio
♡ – Admob integration banner and interstitial ids


This application contains full documentation about app, Using this documentation user can easily re-skin app.

1) This app is built on Android studio IDE 3.3.2
2) Easy to reskin, all attribute is define in XML file so you can reskin by edit the value of XML file without source code
3) Admob (Banner + Interstitial) only replace Admob Banner and Interstitial ids

Download Links :
25766726-Drink Water Reminder – Hydration and Water Tracker.zip