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LiveCom for WordPress – A Live Blogging Plugin



Built on the state-of-the-art AngularJS framework, LiveCom for WordPress is a powerful, flexible and highly customizable, premium live blogging plugin. Whether you are attending a conference, watching a football game, or at the red carpet of a movie premiere, LiveCom is the perfect tool to broadcast live text on your WordPress Website and share a real time experience with your visitors.

How it Works

Thanks to its intuitive workflow and rich features, LiveCom makes covering events live on your WordPress website a very easy process which can be divided into three major steps:

  1. Create a LiveCom Event : A one-click step done through the LiveCom backend.
  2. Link Event to WordPress Content : You simply add a shortcode linking your event to a WordPress post or page and you are ready to broadcast! Inserting LiveCom shortcodes is easily done thanks to the LiveCom TinyMCE Plugin.
  3. Broadcast Live Comments : Once the event is linked to your WordPress post or page you can start broadcasting your live comments instantly on the Event Management Page!


  • Plug-n-play Install : Simply upload the plugin archive using the WordPress Plugin Manager interface.
  • Intuitive Event and Comment Management : LiveCom has a top notch administration panel with some very cool features (for instance: inline comment editing) where you can easily manage all of your events and broadcast live text.
  • Multi-User Collaboration : Work closely with your colleagues in real time to cover your events. You will be notified instantly of every action that they do.
  • Notifications System :
    You are notified of everything that happens on the server side when you are liveblogging!
  • Easily Customizable :
    LiveCom for WordPress comes with FOUR Templates that are very easy to customize. You can also easily create your own Templates!
  • Media Embedding :
    You can embed Images, HTML Videos, HTML Audio, Youtube & Vimeo videos and Tweets in your live comments. Head over to Youtube for a preview of the Media Embedding feature : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e78pwbjWL3k
  • Social Networks Autoposting : Live comments can be automatically posted to pre-configured Facebook pages/profiles or Twitter feeds.
  • Beautiful & Sleek Animations :
    You can choose between 5 Animations to show the live comments on your WordPress frontend!
  • TinyMCE Integration :
    A LiveCom Dialog is added to the TinyMCE Visual editor that comes with WordPress. Through it you can easily link LiveCom Events to your WordPress posts and pages.
  • Flexible Configuration : Take control over the behaviour of LiveCom. Configure the application for optimal use of your server resources.
  • Automatic Behaviour : Did you forget to archive an event before going off to bed and are worried that your bandwidth will be needlessly wasted? Worry no more! You can choose to enable the Autopause and Autoend features on your settings page, both of which will take care of pausing and archiving your events for you after a configurable idle delay.
  • Highly Optimized : The LiveCom Service is optimized to use the least amount of server resources and have a very low execution time.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibiliy : LiveCom for WordPress works on all of the new major browsers! (IE7+, FireFox 4+, Chrome, Safari, Opera)
  • SEO Friendly & Graceful javascript degradation : Users with no javascript support, and search engine spiders will see the archived version of the live comments.

Quick Start Video Guide

You can watch a quick start video guide on youtube. It will walk you through the installation and the first use of LiveCom for WordPress.


The support manual is hosted online, you can find it on this page : LiveCom for WordPress Documentation.


Head over to LiveCom’s website to try out the Preview Application.


  • WordPress 3.3 and greater.
  • PHP 5 with sessions support enabled.
  • Your web host must permit direct file operations using PHP functions (fopen/fwrite).
  • Your WordPress MySQL user must have CREATE and DROP table privileges.
  • The theme you use must properly register jQuery and jQuery-color that come with WordPress.
  • Use of services like Cloudflare may require adding caching exceptions for the plugin.
  • Use of the plugin on a Multisite WP install is not supported out of the box and may need some tweaks.


Below is a list of used open source solutions used in LiveCom for WordPress :

  • AngularJS : The LiveCom Admin App and the LiveCom App are built on top of this absolutely brilliant framework.
  • AngularUI : Some AngularJS Directives are taken from the AngularUI project. (uiEvent)
  • jQuery : Some DOM interactions are done with the help of jQuery.
  • Twitter Bootstrap : The LiveCom Admin App uses Bootstrap CSS for its styling.
  • WordPress : Obviously, LiveCom for WordPress is a plugin for the award-winning
    content management system.
  • Jeff Roberson : For his excellent work on the linkify Regex.
  • Ajaxload : For the animated GIF loaders.

A big thank you to the people behind these projects, and special thanks to the active members of the AngularJS Mailing list.

Download Links :
3554732-LiveCom for WordPress – A Live Blogging Plugin.zip