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Takshal – Modern Money Manager App | Flutter & Hive | Android & iOS


Takshal – Modern Money Manager App | Android & iOS

Description: Our Modern Money Manager App – Android and iOS Mobile application built using Flutter Framework & Hive (NoSQL database). Our Money expense tracker/manager will help you to keep an accurate record of your money inflow and outflow. Many people in the world live on a fixed income, and they find that towards the end of the month they don’t have sufficient money to meet their needs. They should definitely try this app.

What is Hive?
Hive is a quick, lightweight, NoSQL database for flutter and dart applications. Hive is truly helpful if you need a straightforward key-value database without numerous relations and is truly simple to utilize. It is an offline database(store data on local devices).

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App’s All Features:

1. Clean, Modern UI & easy to use, user interface.
2. Easy to track your income, Display current month transactions in the timeline.
3. 12+ Predefined list of default income/expense categories.
4. Add Income or Expenses​​.
5. Update/Delete incorrect Income/Expense​ records (Full Controller)
6. Multi Custom Banking Card.
7. Can edit profile details. (Name & Profile Image)
8. Current date, time & other activities too.
9. Transaction History.
10. Multiple category options.
11. Budget overview and details.
12. Debt & Credit
13. Advance settings option.
14. Multiple currency options are available.
15. Dark/Light Mode.
16. Multiple Theme Colors.
17. Backup & Restore all data. (In JSON format)
18. Push Notifications as reminders. (Extended License Only)
19. Country choosing option available.
20. Admob Integrated [Interstitial / Banner / Video Ads]. (Extended License Only)
21. Protect by Android proguard which saves from the decompiling app.​
22. Easy To Reskin & Easy To Change all your needs. No need for any extra coding.
23. Calendar, Date & Time view for track your all transaction history.

Packages Used:

animations: ^2.0.7
chart_sparkline: ^1.0.8
charts_flutter: ^0.12.0
csv: ^5.0.1
date_picker_timeline: ^1.2.3
dynamic_color: ^1.1.2
equatable: ^2.0.3
file_picker: ^4.6.1
flutter_bloc: ^8.0.1
flutter_local_notifications: ^11.0.1
flutter_native_timezone: ^2.0.0
flutter_svg: ^1.0.3
get_it: ^7.2.0
glassmorphism: ^3.0.0
go_router: ^5.0.1
google_fonts: ^3.0.1
hive: ^2.0.5
hive_flutter: ^1.1.0
image_picker: ^0.8.4+4
intl: ^0.17.0
material_design_icons_flutter: ^5.0.6595
package_info_plus: ^1.3.0
path_provider: ^2.0.8
permission_handler: ^10.0.1
responsive_builder: ^0.4.1
share_plus: ^4.0.3
url_launcher: ^6.0.18
url_strategy: ^0.2.0
flutter_launcher_icons: ^0.10.0
flutter_lints: ^2.0.0
flutter_native_splash: ^2.1.3+1
hive_generator: ^1.1.1

You will get:
1. Full Android & iOS Source Code File,
2. Mockup PDF file &
3. Main Documentation.
4. All updates are totally free.

You will get the easy setup documentation. You need just 10-15min max to set up and build your app. We made the easiest documentation. If you face any problem or something, kindly send us a message via email.

For any query, Contact us via email. Thank You Send your message to: [email protected]

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41903851-Takshal – Modern Money Manager App | Flutter & Hive | Android &